Where does the painting process start? Many people think it begins with the painters. It actually should start with the paint and the paint color. It is here where the process really begins. A lot of people will focus more time and energy on the painters that they are going to hire. This is where a lot of people make their mistakes. Obviously, you need to hire a painter. Here is a great article on how to hire a painter. This is not a process that you need to miss.

However, we believe that you need to spend more of your time focusing on color and paint consultation. The things that are really going to make the difference in your home is the color and the paint that you purchase. You need to be able to find a company that has a painting consultant or a painting consultant. Consultants give you the experience and the freedom to walk you through the process of using color to express the mood of the room. Certain colors are meant to generate a certain mood. For instance, blue is a calming color and could easily be used in the bedroom. Here is a great color consultation resource that can help you think through these colors.

Do you see why color is important now? Do you see how it could effect the painting of your rooms? For us we believe it is extremely important to address this topic first. All other topics will flow from this one topic. For instance, from there, you begin to think through a secondary color to offset the main color. For instance what your baseboards be painted. Normally, it is white, but are there times where a better color can fit the primary color? These are great questions that a color consultant will be able to help you think through.

Also, from this point, with your colors chosen, you now have the ability to pick out your accessories in a way that makes sense. You color scheme for your accessories will come from you color scheme. For instance, if you have red, then a nice accessory will be black. It is amazing how these accessories will blow up a room in an amazing way.

Our approach is unique. We believe by starting off with color that it will begin to dictate all of your choices. Choices about painters, colors and accessories all flow from the primary color choice. Why are you spending so much time on other things? Why are you not spending more time on choosing your primary colors?

Thanks for the website submission these Longmont painters. They have been really helpful with giving us guidance in thinking through these color schemes.